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Friday seminar

UP FAMNIT will host  acad. prof. dr. Marko Tadić from the University of Zagreb of on Friday, 24 November 2017. At 11 am he will offer a lecture during a Mathematical Research Seminar. 

Title of the lecture: ​On non-commutative harmonic analysis and theory of automorphic forms


We shall recall of basic principles of the non-commutative harmonic analysis, discuss the case of classical groups, and how problems of non-commutative harmonic analysis in this case are linked with some important problems of modern theory of automorphic forms.


All EC EMS members, who will already be in Koper on Friday morning are invited to participate at the seminar. The transfer will be provided from the Bernardin hotel to Koper. Please contact local organisers (8emc2020@famnit.upr.si) with your request, so that we can arrange it.