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Monday seminar

UP FAMNIT will host Vicente Munoz Velázquez from the Spanish Universidad Complutense de Madrid on Monday, 27 November 2017. At 10 am he will offer a lecture during a Mathematical Research Seminar. 

Title of the lecture: ​Complex, symplectic and Kahler geometry


Kahler manifolds appear naturally in both Algebraic and Differential Geometry: projective complex varieties from Algebraic Geometry, and smooth manifolds with riemannian metrics with holonomy U(n). Understanding when a manifold may admit a Kahler structure and how far it is from that is a key problem in geometry. Classically, tools from global analysis (harmonic forms and Hodge theory) provide striking topological properties of Kahler manifolds, linking topology and analysis. We shall review this circle of ideas, and recent results on the construction of manifolds admitting complex structures (and even both complex and symplectic structures simultaenously) but not admitting Kahler structures.


All EC EMS members, who will still be in Koper on Monday morning are invited to join the seminar.