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The congress venue offers opportunities for almost all kinds of activities. The Piran and Portorož promenades are ideal for walking or jogging, while the warm sea is inviting for swimmers, paddlers, and anyone who wants to relax or play in the sea.

A marina with sail boats is situated in the adjoining town Lucija, guaranteeing a good starting point for sailing in the Adriatic.

The Istrian hinterlands offer plenty of opportunities for cycling (on or off road), and the area is connected to a cycling path running along the old railway line from Trieste to Pula, the Parenzana.

SUPing has become increasingly popular in the area, as the calm sea offers ideal conditions, while windier days attract kite surfers, wind surfers and other sport enthusiasts.

Cycling, roller skating, longboarding and skateboarding are often just a mode of transportation for people living on the Slovene coastline.

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