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All participants and accompanying persons will  be able to enjoy nearby attractions. Organised excursions will take them to destinations such as:


A day trip by sea on a catamaran to one of the Adriatic’s best known destinations, where you can stroll along the canals and experience a part of Mediterranean history.

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Postojna cave

This natural cave extends over 24 km; the tour starts with a train and is followed by a spectacular walk among the stalagmites and stalactites to the great hall.

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Lipica stud farm

The birthplace of the gracious white Lipizzan horse

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Sečovlje salt-pans

Here the past and the present still go together hand in hand. It is one of the few places where salt is still harvested manually following centuries-long traditions, while the park offers a perfect sanctuary for migrating birds.

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The beloved capital of Slovenia, which even contains love in its name. The city of dragons, castles, baroque buildings and vibrant city-life with a river flowing through the centre, along which the cafés and restaurants invite you to take a break and enjoy the moment.

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Soča river valley

The emerald queen of the Alps invites you with its unique color and abundant possibilities for sport and recreation. From kayaking, ziplining and canyoning to the walk along the historic battleground of the 1st World War, Soča river valley is one of the most amazing places Slovenia has to offer. 

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Other destinations

Other destinations include the Karst region with its dry stony land, the Soča, Pula, a coastal Roman town, and many more attractions all lying within easy reach of the congress venue. 

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