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The congress will be family friendly. You are invited to bring along your partners and children, and the organising committee will provide programmes and acitivities for them as well. Activities will be organised for different age groups.

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The preliminary list of activities includes: 

 - dolphin watching

 - swimming (lessons)

 - sailing (lessons)

 - camps (Istrian biodiversity and Computer-Human interaction)

 - group child care

 - mathematical workshops for different age groups

 - excursions and trips to nearby areas

We will involve other departments of the UP Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies to provide events supporting family members (esp. the Department of Biodiversity and the Department of Information Technologies). 

SOCIETY MORIGENOS has already agreed to offer a programme for different age groups during the congress, which will involve: 

 - multimedia presentation of dolphin life

 - guidance and dolphin watching from the land

 - guidance and dolphin watching by boat

  • morigenos tilen genov 4r

Photo: Morigenos society, Tilen Genov.

Our researchers from abroad will provide activities in different languages, so that we can support families with different backgrounds. This includes Slovene, English, Italian, Croatian, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, Slovak, and other languages. 

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