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Workshops on creating Geometric Solids and Sculptures

Accompanying events

As part of the activities of the 8th European Congress of Mathematics, the organizers were determined to take advantage of the event of this magnitude an to take every opportunity to promote mathematics to a younger audience.

Under the mentorship of Izidor Hafner, PhD and Andreja Klančar, PhD, pupils from the Primary School "Heroj Janez Hribar" from Stari trg pri Ložu organized a workshop on creating geometric solids and sculptures with Polydron and Zometool puzzles.

During their workshop they made different sculptures, among them a rhombic 1080-edron.

The aim of such workshops is for children to understand and develop a positive attitude towards mathematics through mathematical activities.

You can see their work shown in videos, published on our 8ECM page.



An exhibition “Mathematics in the Children's World”

Another event, as part of the 8ECM, will take place this Thursday, 24 June at 5 pm in in the atrium of the Faculty of Education, University of Primorska.

The exhibition will be presenting the artwork of children and fifth-graders from the Kindergarten and Elementary School Ankaran, under the mentorship of Maruša Mežnarič and Edo Birsa, PhD, from fourth-graders of the Elementary school Anton Ukmar Koper, under the mentorship of Lea Kozel, PhD, in Edo Birsa, PhD.

Mathematic didactic games will also be presented at the exhibition. They were made by children, parents and professionals from the Kindergarten Sežana and Kindergarten Elvira Kralj from Trebče, under the supervision of Renata Padovan.

Youth Choir of the Primary School Livade izola, with choirmaster Andreja Štucin Cergol will accompany the opening of the exhibition.