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Polydron supports the 8ECM

Polydron supports the 8ECM by donating their products, to be used in educational maths workshops.

The 8th European Congress of Mathematics will be hosting not only many mathematicians from all over the world, but also their family members.

This is one reason the 8ECM organisers have paid special attention to accompanying activities during the 8ECM; another is popularisation of mathematics in Slovenia and Europe. A variety of educational maths workshops and day care for children of 8ECM participants will be organised at the venue in order to meet these goals.

To this end, we are happy to announce that we have partnered with Polydron UK Limited who have generously donated their products to be used in workshops and day care activities for younger children.

Polydron is the original and best geometric construction product, renowned worldwide for over 30 years for its quality and versatility. It is specifically designed and developed to meet the demanding requirements of the modern classroom, helping teachers and children alike in the quest for knowledge and understanding. Its wide variety of sets, including four interchangeable systems, are excellent for promoting geometry, design and problem solving and are perfect for supporting a STEM-based learning environment for children.



Polydron products come highly recommended by Prof. dr. Izidor Hafner (University of Ljubljana), who is the founder of Logic Competitions in Slovenia and Logic and Entertainment Mathematics magazine (Logika in razvredrilna matematika) for schoolchildren, and has been a great advocate of Polydron products for many years. His novel and creative approach in promoting mathematics and logic to a younger audience has inspired many future mathematicians in Slovenia.


We would like to thank Polydron for their donation, and we especially look forward to welcoming many young maths enthusiasts at the 8ECM!