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Abstract submissions

Additional option to delete/resubmit your contribution is now available!

In regard to the changed date of the 8ECM, we have further amended rules regarding abstract submissions for those who have already submitted their abstracts. We understand that the content, form or certain aspects of your work may change throughout the upcoming year; therefore, we are adding the option to delete your submitted abstract entirely and submit a new one. 

The same process applies if you would like to alter your submitted abstract in content, in which case you will also need to delete your abstract (even if it is already accepted) and upload a new one. 

Once you delete your contribution it cannot be retrieved and your new abstract will need to go through the approval process again. The procedure is set up like this intentionally so that it withstands a transparent process of accepting content for the congress. 

The new feature is available through your personal 8ECM registration platform, top of the page under section Contributions. 

The deadline for submissions is 1 May 2021. 

Please remember that in order to present a talk or a poster at the 8ECM you need to complete the registration i.e. pay the registration fee in full. Submitting a contribution and having it accepted does not exempt you from payment, and all accepted abstracts from participants who do not have completed registrations will be deleted on 4 January 2021 (midnight CET).

In case you are not certain if you will be able to attend the 8ECM in person next year, options for E-participation are also available. For more information on different registration options and fees please visit our website https://www.8ecm.si/for-participants/fees-and-registration or contact us at 8ecm.registration@famnit.upr.si

We look forward to welcoming you at the 8th European Congress of Mathematics!