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Zometool supports the 8ECM

Zometool supports the 8ECM by donating their products, to be used in educational maths workshops.

As organizers of the largest mathematical events this year, we have paid special attention to accompanying activities during the 8ECM; another is popularisation of mathematics in Slovenia and Europe.

To this end, we are happy to announce that we have partnered with Zometool who generously donated their products to be used in workshops and day care activities for younger children at the 8ECM, and in classrooms at UP FAMNIT.

The Zometool is not only fun for kids of all ages, it's also hands-on quantum math, the mother of all maths and queen of the sciences. It has informed the work of at least 5 Nobel prizewinners, as well as top mathematicians, scientists, artists and architects worldwide, yet you’ll be delighted by the Zometool’s beauty, simplicity and brilliance. Have a ball!

To see all Zometool products and services visit https://www.zometool.com/