EMS Prize Winner

Karim Adiprasito

EMS Prize winner


Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel

University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark


Karim Alexander Adiprasito is a Professor at the University of Copenhagen and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem who works in the field of combinatorics, but combines methods from algebra, geometry and topology in innovative ways, solving problems in a wide range of areas.

Adiprasito is the recipient of numerous prizes, including the European Prize in Combinatorics in 2015 for “his wide-ranging and deep contributions to discrete geometry”, as well as the Klachky prize of the Hebrew University in 2017. He has been selected as a Wallenberg academy fellow in 2018. His work is supported by a grant from the Israel Science Foundation and a 2016 ERC starting grant. Most recently he was awarded the prestigious New Horizons Prize in Mathematics (2018) for the development of combinatorial Hodge theory leading to the resolution of the log-concavity conjecture of Heron-Rota-Welsh.