You can apply with an abstract for a special session or a Minisymposium (MS).

Abstracts and posters for special sessions and MS may be submitted through the personal registration platform sometime in January 2020. Only participants who completed their registration e.g. have paid the registration fee in full, will have the option to submit abstracts.

The organizers of the MS (MS Chair) will be responsible for approving abstracts submitted to their sessions. The Local Scientific Committee will be responsible for approving talks for a Special Session.

Each special session is named after one of the following 18 research areas:

  1. Algebra
  2. Algebraic and Complex Geometry
  3. Analysis and its Applications
  4. Combinatorics and Discrete Mathematics
  5. Differential Geometry and Applications
  6. Dynamical Systems and Ordinary Differential Equations and Applications
  7. Logic and Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science
  8. Mathematical Image and Signal processing
  9. Mathematical Physics
  10. Mathematics Education and History of Mathematics
  11. Mathematics in Science and Technology
  12. Number Theory
  13. Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
  14. Optimization and Control
  15. Partial Differential Equations and Applications
  16. Probability
  17. Statistics and Financial Mathematics
  18. Topology

In case the MS Chair does not approve your abstract, he/she may propose you contribute with a poster or re-directs you to a special session.