Public speaker

Bojan Mohar

University Simon Fraser and University of Ljubljana


Bojan Mohar is a Slovenian and Canadian mathematician whose areas of research include algebraic, structural and topological graph theory, and theory of computing. He received his PhD from the University of Ljubljana in 1986 under Tomaž Pisanski.

Mohar’s research studies the interconnections between graphs, topology, geometry, and algebra, as well as graph minors, colorings and nowhere-zero flows. His work in graph theory is extended with developments of algorithmic and computational tools in these areas.

He co-authored Graphs on Surfaces (2001) with Carsten Thomassen, an influential book on topological graph theory, and proved a remarkable theorem that the question whether a given graph embeds in a given closed surface can be answered in linear time. His work in spectral graph theory builds a bridge between graph theory and some other branches of mathematics such as theoretical computer science and operator theory.

In 2010, Mohar received the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications (ICA) Euler medal for contributions to combinatorial research. The citation reads: “Bojan Mohar’s outstanding research and leadership over a period of thirty years place him as one of today’s foremost discrete mathematicians worldwide. His deep and important contributions have dramatically improved our understanding of the structural properties of graphs.” In 2018 he received the Royal Society of Canada John L. Synge award for outstanding research and a SIAM fellowship for his “contributions to graph theory and algorithms, in particular structural, topological, and algebraic graph theory.” The Republic of Slovenia has also recognized Professor Mohar with two awards for scientific excellence: the Boris Kidrič prize (1990), and, for his work in Canada, he was recognized as the Ambassador of Science of the Republic of Slovenia (2009).

Professor Mohar holds a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Graph Theory at Simon Fraser University, Canada, and is also a professor of Mathematics at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and a member of the Institute of Mathematics, Physics, and Mechanics, Ljubljana.



(Photo: Simon Fraser University)