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The ECM is the second largest mathematical congress in the world and the biggest European mathematical congress. It is surpassed only the by the International Congress of Mathematics.

Do you find our event interesting? You and your organisation can support the congress!

We offer several attractive sponsorship packages to provide opportunities for both smaller and larger companies and organizations to take part in the world’s unique mathematical event with more than 1,500 expected attendees from all over the world.

For more information and individual sponsorship packages, please contact us to discuss further arrangements at: 8ecm2020@famnit.upr.si.



The congress will be organisationally and financially a demanding event and all of us will be successful only if we will work together. We offer different possible sponsorship packages.

Sponsors can enjoy various benefits, including registrations to the full technical conference, exhibit spaces, and display of their company logo in printed materials, on signs, and on the web sites.


Platinum package: Contact us
Gold packageContact us
Silver package: 25,000 EUR
Bronze package: 10,000 EUR

In particular, we are interested in sposorship of thematic industrial sections by international companies that can also provide participants from their research departments


Basic Exhibitor Stand:
- 5,000 EUR for commercial exhibitors
- 1,000 EUR for publishers, universities and non-profit organizations


We can grant you access to the best human potential in the world and young talent in the region, specifically, undergraduate, doctoral and postdoc students, including researchers at the beginning of their career. During the congress we will organise a CAREER DAY, where you can participate in one of the following packages: 

Package A
- 20 minute presentation of the company to doctoral and post-doctoral students and researchers
- Presentation of the company at own booth during the career day
- Company listed among event sponsors (online and in printed materials)

Package B:
- Presentation of the company at own booth during the career day
- Company listed among event sponsors (online and in printed materials)

Package C:
- Company brochures and giveaways available during the career day
- Company listed among  event sponsors (online and in printed materials)

Individual packages
Individual packages with companies are possible as well, as we are aware that situations may vary. Regardless of the sum you are willing to support us with, we believe that we can find an agreement and we will be thankful for any support you can offer. 


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