...are the face of the congress!

Nothing happens without you and the success of the event depends on your smiling can-do attitude.


We invite you to co-create the biggest scientific event in Slovenia and join us for a week of long days, funny moments and memorable times.


I want to volunteer for the 8ECM!



You will receive:

  • Full board accommodation;
  • Free access to lectures and other events;
  • Support and mentorship;
  • Reference and certification;
  • Welcome package;
  • Numerous stories and anecdotes that can only happen when there are 2,000 mathematicians in one place.


You are right for us:

  • Regardless of your profile;
  • If you consider yourself resourceful;
  • If you can keep agreements;
  • If you speak English, maybe even other languages.


Task forces:


A group of people stationed all around the area offering friendly advice to lost scientists on congress activities, accompanying activities and attractions in the area and taking care of registrations. Perfect for bubbly personalities.



You will offer basic friendly support in lecture rooms, such as handling presentations and microphones. You will also act as a go-to person for any technical assistance, while you will be supported by the congress centre’s tech guys in more serious matters. Perfect for patient characters, who are also interested in lectures.



Your task will be to entertain at all times of the day. You will support accompanying events (sport activities, beach activities, childcare, evening activities, public lectures, concerts, …). Perfect for restless characters.



An army of people who just cannot imagine their lives without their phones. Your task will be to regularly flood the online world with news from the congress. Perfect for people who feel comfortable with social media.



The ones who carry all the load. During the congress there will be different exhibitions and poster sessions, where booths and boards will have to be prepared for the exhibitors. Sometimes gifts, bags and all other equipment will have to be brought from one place to another. You will carry and assemble the exhibition equipment and make sure that everyone has the equipment they need. You do not have to be Thor to join this task force, since things are not heavy. Perfect for anyone who appreciates more free time and physical activity. 



Anyone with special talents or skills, please share them with us and the congress crowds. Are you an instructor of any kind? Life guard? Designer? Photographer? Musician? Painter? Do you know something we can’t imagine? You can definitely enrich our event, so please share your talents with us.


Further steps:

  1. By 15 February 2020: fill in the application.
  2. February, March: be ready for live / Skype interview.
  3. By 15 March 2020: The selection process is done.
  4. April, May 2020: preparatory meetings.
  5. 5 – 11 July 2020: Congress.


For more information or to get in touch write to us at volunteer.8ecm@famnit.upr.si

We look forward to hearing from you!